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We are excited to announce that we are now servicing the Villa Rica area. The new location of our company is Tree Service Villa Rica. We have been serving Douglasville and most of the surrounding area for over 20 years now and we are so excited to be bringing that level of expertise to the wonderful citizens of Villa Rica. Villa Rica is one of the fastest growing towns in West Georgia and as a result, the demand for high quality, bonded and insured tree service companies has risen as well. Because of this demand, we have decided to expand our operations to cover most of northern Carroll County and Southern Paulding County. Tree Service Villa Rica specializes in the following tree care services.

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Tree Removal - our most popular service is far and away tree removal. Unfortunately, trees die. And when trees die, they pose a serious risk to property and the health of those who reside on that property. When a tree is dead it is more prone to succumb to the elements of wind, rain, ice, and so on. When this is the case, it is only a matter of time before the tree falls and lands on something in the surrounding area. Therefore, it is important that if you have a dead or dying tree, that you call Tree Service Villa Rica TODAY to remove that tree. We will come in and immediately set a safe perimeter to assess the situation. Once we have a good understanding of the area, we will drop the tree in the safest possible way. This can go about in a couple of ways. One, if the tree is dangerously close to a home or other valuable assets, it may be necessary to climb the tree and remove it by cutting it from the top piece by piece. To do this, a climber will cut off the top section which is attached to a device that will help lower the portion of the tree at a safe rate of speed and to a place that causes no damage. We do this continually until the tree is at a more manageable height and then we will fell it. The second thing we can do, so long as the tree is in a position that allows it to be dropped, is drop the tree in a safe direction to miss any valuable items. This is the one people view as the "fun" one because they get to say "Timber!" After the tree has been safely dropped, we remove all evidence that it was every there. Our goal is to make it look as though the tree was never there as well as to leave no evidence we were ever there. We only offer service when it is dry because we do not want to mess up your yard. Because of this, we have lost a bunch of money over the years, but we believe it is worth it. 

Tree Trimming - If it is simply old limbs that present a problem, we can trim them back for you so that they do not pose a risk to your home or to power lines. Sometimes, taking down an entire tree is way more than is necessary and only limbs need to be removed. If this is the case, Tree Service Villa Rica is the only call you need to make to have those trees trimmed back. 

Brush Clearing - Tree Service Villa Rica are the experts when it comes to clearing large chunks of land. Whatever the reason may be, whether you want a place for a new home, you want to install a pool, or you simply want to add more grass and less trees to your landscape, land clearing and brush removal is your best call. At Tree Service Villa Rica, we will make short work of any large chunks of land you need cleared. Our efficient process cuts down trees ranging in size from sapling all the way up to the largest trees. Get that land ready for grading by calling Tree Service Villa Rica today to get that land or lot cleared. 

Emergency Tree Service - Georgia is known for its very strong thunderstorms and pop up tornadoes. When this happens, we are all at the mercy of Mother Nature. If a limb or tree falls on your property or on your car, Tree Service Villa Rica offers 24-hour emergency tree work. We can come and SAFELY remove that tree from your home so that you can begin assessing the damage and calling the right people. We also accept all valid home-owner's insurance claims. The first call after your insurance agent should be us. Roofers and construction people cannot do anything until the hazardous trees are cleared out of the way and that is what we specialize in.