Tree Trimming Service Villa Rica

Tree Trimming Service in Villa Rica

You heard it here folks, spring is officially here in Villa Rica, Georgia (and the rest of our hemisphere for that matter.)

This news might make your heart pitter patter with thoughts of warmer days and it also might make it skip a beat with the memory that you left your winter pruning undone.

As a tree specialist at Douglas County Tree Service, I have already started getting calls and texts from panicked friends saying, “Is it too late to trim my trees?!”

Unfortunately, as an expert, I have to tell them, “Yes. It is too late for you to trim your trees.” The good news is, a high quality tree service can still trim or prune trees without causing irreparable harm to the plant.

Why Should I Call a Tree Service?

There are several reasons to involve a tree service for your late winter trimming needs in Villa Rica.

Pruning This Late Can Harm Trees

Depending on the species, tree trimming too late in the season can impact the overall health of the tree. I always recommend taking less than ten percent of a tree this time of year to be cautious.

I have the experience necessary to know what that amount is just by looking. The average homeowner does not. A tree service would be the safest bet for pruning outside the winter window (December to mid-March).

Tree Trimming Is a Hazardous Job

I go into work each day knowing that safety should be at the forefront of everything I do. I cannot tell you how many weekend warriors are out there literally risking their lives to save on tree trimming costs.

If the pruning requires a ladder, it is time to call someone like me for help. I have the tools, experience, and colleagues to make sure the job gets done right and no one (especially you) gets hurt.

Pruning Your Trees Is a Necessity

Plenty of people simply skip pruning altogether rather than calling in a tree service. I would suggest this is asking for trouble. Why have a professional come in to prune, you ask?

Trees take up nutrients better when properly maintained

Your yard looks far better with professional tree maintenance

Trees get better sunlight and experience appropriate growth when trimmed

Proper trimming promotes the identification and removal of pests

Saves money in the long run

The Official Pruning Calendar

In Villa Rica and most of Georgia, for that matter, tree trimming should take place in the very late fall to very late winter. Once the growing season begins, pruning should cease.

For young, newly planted specimens, pruning should be absolutely avoided until after the first full growing season. 

If you notice dead, dying, or diseased limbs and branches during the summer or growing season, call Douglas County Tree Service for a professional opinion. We can help prune properly any time of year and can provide advice on what might be ailing your tree.

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