As a general rule, I prefer to complete tree trimming tasks in the late fall or early winter once trees have entered their dormant season. However, there are times that you might notice something needing a prune or trim after the growing season starts in Lithia Springs – usually mid-to-late February.


We often get the question, “Should I be tree trimming in Lithia Springs this time of year?”, when spring starts to be on the radar. The direct answer is – maybe. Here are some typical follow-up questions we encounter when discussing spring pruning and tree trimming.

Is it possible to do spring tree trimming safely?

It is absolutely possible to trim and prune trees in the spring without causing catastrophic damage to the health of the plant. I recommend keeping your alterations to less than ten percent of the tree.


Douglas County Tree Service can help reign in dead tree branches and assess your tree’s health for any urgent tree trimming needs. Let us take a look first to prevent over trimming or inappropriate pruning that could harm your tree(s).

Are there specific tree species that cannot be trimmed in the spring?

Yes! I know the species commonly found in Lithia Springs quite well and there are several that are “no-nos” for spring trimming and pruning.


I do NOT recommend trimming the following species (all of which can be found in Lithia Springs and its surrounding area) in the spring, as they can be extremely vulnerable to disease after a spring pruning:





What trees can I trim in the spring?

There are certainly instances where tree trimming in the spring is preferred. Newly planted and young trees are ideally trimmed in the spring to ensure an appropriate growing shape.


There are also certain species that can cause a mess when pruned after dormancy, like maple or walnut. These trees ooze sap when cut in the winter – not dangerous for the tree but quite a mess for an amateur pruner.

How do I know if I am doing the right thing when it comes to trimming my trees in the spring?

I would strongly advise you to give us, Douglas County Tree Service, a call to come to take a look at your specific species of trees and their current health. I know that sounds self-serving but it can be dangerous to apply general advice to a specific tree if there is some underlying issue.


A comprehensive tree company like ours can apply our understanding of the climate, species, and typical tree behavior in Lithia Springs to ensure your trees are appropriately maintained regardless of the time of year.


Inappropriate pruning or trimming can lead to disease, bug infestation, and ultimately the death of a tree. Sometimes the best intentions can cause devastating outcomes.


If you find yourself in need of tree trimming in or around Lithia Springs, reach out to Douglas County Tree Service. Tree care is our number one priority and we pride ourselves in being the best in the business.

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