BBeginning to cut a tree to be removed

At Douglas County Tree Service, we take pride in our ability to safely remove any tree from any location while limiting damage to the surrounding area. There are numerous reasons for a tree to be excavated. The primary reason is that the tree has died or is dying and has become a threat to a home, vehicles, or children playing. If this is the case, it is imperative that you call us as soon as possible. A dead tree can fall at any time. Even a faint wind can cause a dead tree to fall over. 

Another reason to have a tree removed is that, even if it is still alive, it may be too close to your home. In the event of a severe thunderstorm, tornado, or the occasional hurricane (It’s happened here!), you don’t want there to be any trees so close to your home that they can be knocked over onto it. There is likely few things as terrifying as being awakened in the middle of the night with a tree crashing onto your roof. Do not waste time. Call Douglas County Tree Services and have that arbor pulled up today. 

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The last reason to have a tree removed is for aesthetic purposes. Perhaps you want to change your view or put in a pool. Having a tree removed is the first step in the process of fulfilling your landscaping dreams. With Douglasville growing and cities such as Lithia SpringsWinston, and Villa Rica growing with it, it may be nice to pretty up the yard a little bit to increase the value of the home.    

Our process at Douglas County Tree Service is simple. We come in and assess the situation first. Once we have devised the best approach for removing your tree, we ensure the safety of our workers and the surrounding area. We then go about the process of removing limbs and branches one at a time and then slowly fell the tree. This is a process that we do not deviate from. Being a small, family-owned operation means that we cannot afford to be careless with our work. We do our best work on every single job we do. That is a mark of pride for us and it is something our customers have come to love about us.

Tree Removal

It presents many challenges. Because of the many challenges provided by tree removal, being able to give a precise cost estimate over the phone can be a challenge. We offer free estimates, but those estimates need to be on location. Tree removal and disposal has hundreds of variables that we need to take into account at the location. How close is the tree to your home? How large is the tree? Is there more than one tree being removed.

Tree removal in Douglasville is a very competitive market, but we believe that we can offer you the best service at the best price. Just please understand that if the tree is close to your home and there are very large branches above your home, then the cost to have that tree removed can be very high. The risks associated with this kind of tree removal are much higher than a tree out in the middle of a field. Property and safety become huge factors when tree removal or disposal is being performed near homes or in a neighborhood.

Trees need to be removed for various reasons. Over time, a various number of ailments can befall a tree. Little things like root death or bug infestation can weaken a larger tree's ability to carry its weight. Therefore, having that tree removed before it becomes an issue is crucial. If the tree is infested for example, waiting to have the tree removed can result in more bugs moving to other trees and creating even more issues. Douglas County Tree Service is your tree removal expert in Douglasville. Give us a call and we will come and provide you a free estimate today!

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