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Just the other day I was headed to go bid a job in Villa Rica. Just recently we started offering service to the west side of the county and it has been slow going from the start. That is ok. It took us a while to get to where we are in Douglasville and now we are the most reputable and trusted tree service in the entire area.

While I was headed to the bid, I noticed what looked like the remains of a tree job in the front of someone’s yard. There were limbs and logs and leaves just everywhere. It was an utter disaster of a job site. Even crazier, the tree company that did the job had their sign in the front yard. They were actually proud enough of this job site that they were attaching their company name to it. I was in awe.

When we go to a customer’s house, we offer a wide variety of bid options if they would like a tree removed. But ultimately, it comes down to two primary options. Either they want the trees completely removed or they want to spend a little less and dispose of the logs themselves. We understand that budget is always a huge concern and so we always give that option.

A couple things should be taken into account at this point. First, Douglas County Tree Service does not make ANY MONEY on hauling off the remaining logs of a tree service job. While there has been an increase in the price of lumber, it still doesn’t change the fact that we don’t sell the lumber from a tree service job. The reason removing trees is slightly more than not having them removed is because we actually have to pay a lumber yard to come and pick up the trees.

Second, even if you choose not to have the trees hauled away, we will never leave the kind of mess I saw in that yard. As part of the job, we will most certainly get rid of the limbs and debris and anything else that can fit into our chipper. Once we are finished with cleaning up all the limbs and debris, we will then take all the major parts of the trunk that still remain and stack them neatly in a part of your yard that you choose.

If what I saw in that yard is any indication of the level of quality Villa Rica has come to expect of tree removal then it seems like we could not have started serving this community a minute too late. When it comes to tree removal or tree service of any kind, you should expect quality and professionalism just like you would for any other industry in the world. If you are paying for a service, you should demand that service be up to your exacting standards.

That is why it is so important that you call Douglas County Tree Service for your free estimate today. While we cannot guarantee that we will be the cheapest (although often times we are), we do guarantee that you will be paying for a tree company that will treat your yard the way they would want their yard to be treated. And that is precisely how we operate. Every yard is our own and we treat it as such. Don’t leave your next tree service job to the hands of someone who doesn’t care. Give us a call today!



Douglas County Tree Service

50 S Wilson St

Villa Rica, GA 30180

(678) 922-4682

Douglas County Tree Service has been providing Douglasville and areas like Fairplay and Winston with high quality tree service for more than 10 years now. And fortunately, as Douglasville has grown, so have we. And in response to this growth, we are deciding to expand our business to the Villa Rica and Temple area. So yes! While our company name is Douglas County Tree Service, we are now happily servicing Villa Rica and Temple. We are a full service tree company providing everything from tree removal to stump grinding to brush clearing. We bring professionalism and customer service to the job as well. We promise, your experience with Douglas County Tree Service will be second to none when it comes to tree removal services in Villa Rica.

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