One of the more controversial tree trimming methods is tree dropping, also referred to as “rounding over”, “hat racking”, or “heading”. This involves removing the tops of the trees where the leaves are. The reason this is controversial is because many people believe this can either kill the tree outright or expose it to severe burning or disease. While these fears are warranted, the experts at Douglas County Tree Service have been dropping trees for over 20 years now and we are very safe with our methods. So, if you are looking to get a better view of the skyline in the morning and would like to have your tree dropped, give us a call. When we get there, we will ask you which trees you would like topped, then we will assess the situation. Once we have determined the best course of action, we will use our industry leading expertise and high tech equipment to remove the tops of the desired trees without any damage to your personal property and with little to no damage to the tree.

Tree Dropping 1

Often times, people would like to make it so the trees grow wider instead of taller. That is exactly what dropping will help you with. By removing the top of the tree, you will effectively make it grow wider instead of taller.

Dropping is also a good approach if you would like to reduce the height of a tree without completely removing it. Often, it is a matter of only a few feet that can determine if a tree will land on a home or not when it falls. By simply heading the tree, you can protect your home without complete removal. If your hope is to one day have a tire swing in the yard for your child to swing on, then this is likely the best method for you. Give Douglas County Tree Service a call today, and whether you are in Douglasville, Villa Rica, Lithia Springs, or Winston, we will come and hat rack that beautiful arbor for you.