stump being ground down with a stump grinder

Is there anything worse than driving by an old tree job where there are stumps everywhere. Aesthetically, it is very unpleasant to look at. Give Douglas County Tree Service a call and we will come and grind those stumps to just beneath the ground. This will allow topsoil and ultimately grass to grow over the top and it will look like the trees were never even there. 

Stump grinding is a great alternative to stump removal. With the use of a rotary blade, the stump is effectively ground down into the dirt where it can no longer be seen. This a much quicker and more cost effective way to get rid of a stump. Once the stump has been ground down, anything can be places over the top, such as a driveway or an above-ground pool. Did wee say this was cost effective as well? The difference in cost between stump grinding and removal is enormous. Removal of a stump can take multiple hours whereas stump grinding can be done in a matter of minutes.

The only reason someone would want a stump completely removed was if they were trying to dig something deep like for an in-ground pool. Other than that, there are not many reasons to do. Full stump removal leaves a giant hole in the middle of the ground that would then need to be filled in.

Let our trained experts at Douglas County Tree Service come and grind that stump for you. Save yourself the time and hassle to go to your local tool store to rent that piece of equipment just to get it home and then have to struggle with figuring out how to work it. We can show up and get that stump ground down in minutes.

Call Douglas County Tree Service today for a free quote on getting your stumps ground down or removed. Please remember that many factors comes into play when quoting the price of a stump removal or stump grinding job. The first thing we would need to consider is the total number of stumps that are being removed. Clearly, the more stumps being removed would drive up the price. The next factor to consider whether or not the stumps are being removed or ground. Stump removal is a much more intensive job that requires the entire removal of the stump as well as filling the hole in. Breaking up all of the root structure requires much more work than grinding. Grinding requires a machine and someone to operate it but it takes much less time. Therefore, grinding is a much cheaper way to deal with those pesky stumps. The last thing to consider would be the size of the stumps. If you want a really large stump removed, it can get very expensive. The larger the stump, the larger the root structure is that is woven into the ground. Removing the root ball and structure is very time consuming and challenging leading to a more expensive job. Give Douglas County Tree Service a call today and let us come give you a free quote on getting that stump ground or removed.