Land Clearing

Land Clearing Service Douglasville

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Are you looking to build that dream home deep in the woods away from all the hustle and bustle? Are you looking to put in that beautiful swimming pool with the cascading waterfall?

Well first you have to get those trees out of the way. Look no further than Douglas County Tree Service. We are the experts at clearing lots and large swaths of land quicker and cheaper than the competition.

Land Clearing Douglasville

Land Clearing is the first step in making your dreams come true and we understand this. Whether you are looking to build that dream home in Douglasville, put that beautiful pool in in Lithia Springs, add that addition onto your home in Winston, or install that beautiful landscaping in your front yard in Villa Rica, we are the ones you need to call when you need all of those trees cleared.We obviously love the opportunity to clear entire pieces of land because we love removing trees and that means we get to remove LOTS of trees.

Because we love it so much, whenever we are given the opportunity to clear a lot or land, we send as large of a crew with as much equipment as we can so that we can get it done in a timely and cost effective manner.

There is nothing worse than already breaking your budget on your dream project before you even get to the building.With safety and speed in mind, we bring in our best crews with our best equipment to knock these jobs out as quickly and as safely as possible. Don’t let some oak, maple, or pine stand in the way of your building, renovating, or landscaping dreams.

Give Douglas County Tree Service a call and we will come and clear that wooded land for you.

Brush Clearing Douglasville

Douglas County Tree Service are the experts when it comes to clearing large chunks of land. Whatever the reason may be, whether you want a place for a new home, you want to install a pool, or you simply want to add more grass and less trees to your landscape, land clearing and brush removal is your best call. 

At Douglas County Tree Service, we will make short work of any large chunks of land you need cleared. Our efficient process cuts down trees ranging in size from sapling all the way up to the largest trees. Get that land ready for grading by calling Douglas County Tree Service today to get that land or lot cleared. 

Lot Clearing Douglasville

If you have a lot of trees or underbrush that you want to have cleared quickly and for a great price, we are the land clearing service to call. We have a crew that works harder than any crew you have ever seen and we can make short work of any brush or land clearing job you have. Our speed is what ensures that we will have the cheapest price you will find. 

Our Services

At Douglas County Tree Service, we offer a wide variety of products to deal with those limbs and trees in your yard. Our crew is experience and prepared to tackle any job that comes their way.

Douglas County Tree Service specializes in the excavation of entire trees. Trees too close to your home can become dangerous and even deadly in a strong storm.

We can safely remove the tree and the stump as though it were never even there. We can also remove dead trees or trees that have become unpleasing to look at.

Whatever your reason, we would love your business. We take care to cut the limbs and other dangerous parts of the tree first before we fell it.

Safety of your property is our top priority. To get referrals and repeat business, we understand the importance of providing fast, clean, and successful work.

Want a little more light to reach your home? Tired of looking out of your window and seeing nothing but tree tops? If you are worried about soil erosion or losing your privacy, let Douglas County Tree Service come and top your trees.

“Heading” or “Rounding” a tree can be a very tricky process, so let us come do it. We have been heading trees in Douglasville, Lithia Springs, Villa Rica, and Winston for over 20 years now.


Have a limb hanging precariously over your home? Is there a branch blocking your view by your driveway?

Let the best tree maintenance company in Douglasville, Lithia Springs, Villa rica, and Winston come and remove it for you. 

With our top notch equipment and professional crew, we can be at your home and remove that limb in very little time.

Don’t wait for the next storm to hit Douglasville. Get that limb removed now so it doesn’t end up on your roof.


We are West Georgia’s specialist at stump grinding. This is our preferred method of stump elimination for a couple of reasons. The first reason is that it is more economical and time-saving, thus cheaper for you, the customer.

The second reason that we prefer stump grinding to excavation is that it will not leave a giant hole in the ground.

When a tree grows to be sufficiently large, the root structure grows with it. If you have a stump from a large tree, then it will leave a large hole which will require filling.

The only reason for stump excavation would be if you wanted to plant another tree in that same spot or if you wanted to put something, like a pool, in the ground.


Building a home? Wanting to put a pool where those pine trees are? Let Douglas County Tree Service come and clear your land.

We take care of every step in the process: We remove the trees and the stumps so your local grading company can come in and do the rest.

We know that your time is important, so on jobs with land clearing, we bring in as large of a crew and as much equipment as we can.

This ensure the job gets done as quickly as possible so you can move on to the next phase in your project.



We get quite a bit of severe weather around here. Georgia is known for its very bipolar weather and as a result we end up with some very strong thunderstorms and even the occasional tornado.

We understand this and that is why we see emergency storm work as the backbone of what we do. We perform work in the following zip codes: 30135, 30134, 30122, 30180, and 30187 for emergency storm work.