Cinema Heritage:

The Douglas County Film Trail in Douglasville, Georgia, is a unique attraction that celebrates the area’s rich history of filmmaking. Known as “Hollywood of the South,” Douglas County has been the backdrop for numerous film and television productions. Learn more here.


The Film Trail features a series of historical markers and locations highlighting significant filming sites and moments in cinematic history. Visitors can follow the trail to discover iconic movie sets, filming locations, and landmarks featured in popular films and TV shows. Learn more about Welcoming Visitors to Douglasville: The Douglasville Convention & Visitors Bureau.

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Iconic Sites:

From historic downtown districts to scenic natural landscapes, the Douglas County Film Trail showcases a diverse array of filming locations. Visitors can explore sites featured in movies such as “Fried Green Tomatoes,” “Driving Miss Daisy,” and “The Walking Dead.”

Educational Experience:

The Film Trail offers an educational experience for visitors interested in learning about the film industry and its impact on the local community. Interpretive signage and guided tours provide insights into the filmmaking process, production techniques, and the cultural significance of movies filmed in Douglas County.

Community Engagement:

The Douglas County Film Trail engages with the local community through events, screenings, and film festivals that celebrate the area’s cinematic heritage. Douglasville pays tribute to its role in shaping the entertainment world by preserving and promoting its film history.