Arborists Villa Rica – What Do They Do?

Take a peek out into your yard. See that tree off in the distance? Can you tell what it is simply by noticing its bark, shape, or leaves?

An arborist can! An arborist is a bona fide tree expert. In Villa Rica, Georgia, an arborist can help identify trees, tree problems, and the best plan of care for any type of tree found in the region.

The formal definition of an arborist is one who is trained in arboriculture - the cultivation, management, and study of trees, shrubs, vines, and perennial woody plants.

Why would you need an arborist in Villa Rica, like those employed by Douglas County Tree Service? Read on for an explainer on how an arborist differs from “just another tree expert” and how one might help you!

An arborist can help with planting the right trees in Villa Rica. Most people call up a tree service to remove a tree. Arborists use their superior knowledge about trees and their specific regionality to ensure the right species are planted in the right spaces. 

Arborists are expert pruners. Some trees can feel hopeless - lost to overgrowth and poor maintenance. Before deciding an “ugly” tree must be removed, enlist an arborist! They can help bring the tree back to its natural beauty, while encouraging healthy growth.

Arborists know when a tree simply must come down. Some tree services show up with the intent to take down a problematic tree. An arborist will evaluate the overall health of the tree, identify any chance of remediation, and will only suggest removal if absolutely necessary.

Here is a quick breakdown of what Douglas County Tree Services can offer by having arborists on staff:

  • Identification and management of disease or infestation
  • Soil modification to improve tree health
  • Bracing and/or cabling to support vulnerable, weak branches
  • Design and installation of lightning protection
  • Identifying and/or recommending the best trees to plant in your yard

Those are some very specific skills that many tree companies just cannot offer! 

When it comes to choosing an arborist in Villa Rica, you should ask the following questions prior to committing to services:

  • Is your company licensed and insured? Can you provide proof of coverages?
  • Are you certified with ISA or another recognized body?
  • What is your experience with trees specific to Villa Rica and Georgia?
  • Do you have experience with [insert your specific problem here]?

Selecting the right arborist comes down to experience, ability, quality, and trustworthiness. Finding one that charges reasonable prices is nice, as well. 

With that said, never let price be your sole guide when it comes to choosing your arborist or tree company. If the price seems too good to be true - it could cost you big in the long run. 

Arborists are the tree experts of the tree experts. They are well versed in every area and are fully capable of handling any tree issue in the Villa Rica area. Douglas County Tree Service knows trees and can help you with any tree care need you have. 

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