affordable tree service Lithia Springs

Affordable Tree Service Lithia Springs

As winter draws to an obvious end in Lithia Springs, Georgia, homeowners’ minds spring (pun intended) to life with thoughts and concerns about their outdoor areas.

One of the first ideas might be to call up your local affordable tree service and get some work done. The question is: What would they do for you at this time of year? Is it too late to do anything of note?

With temperatures ascending into the low-to-mid 70s this week, it may feel like spring has sprung and tree work is impossible. I come bearing good news – it is not too late!

An Affordable Tree Service Can Still Help

There are several things a tree company can help with this time of year in and around the Lithia Springs area. You don’t need to have a big ole tree to chop down to call up a tree service like Douglas County Tree Service

A Tree Assessment Is a Good Idea This Time of Year

Most tree companies offer free or low cost assessments of the trees on your property. An affordable tree service will do this to earn your long term business.

Douglas County Tree Service typically surveys the following areas for risk:

Dead or dying branches. These are not uncommon after a cold winter season like the one we are currently escaping. Dead wood can lead to dangerous hazards including falling limbs or trees.

Consistency. Have you ever noticed one half or quarter of a tree doesn’t bloom? It would be worth a professional’s opinion to see if this can be resolved.

Fungus. This is often a sign of an unhealthy tree. A tree expert can diagnose the root (another pun) cause of fungus and address it immediately.

Root evaluation. The root system is the ultimate indicator of the health of your trees. Arborists know roots and can spot an issue quickly.

Pruning Is Still a Viable Task

Many consider pruning a winter task because it really is a job that should be done during dormancy. However, it is not too late if you jump on it quickly.

Given the late timing, a professional tree service can ensure proper pruning for safe, beautiful, healthy trees. A novice might remove too much of the plant or prune incorrectly, which can be especially damaging this late in the season.

Fertilizer Is Not One Size Fits All

A common mistake I notice in the Lithia Springs area is a customer going to a big box store, buying a bag of “tree fertilizer” and plopping it down around the tree.

Sometimes the best intentions can lead to frustration and repeated failure. Arborists know exactly what a tree needs based on its condition, location, and species. Let an affordable tree service make the right call for your specific tree this spring, rather than paying for a mistake in the long run.

Tree Companies Can Install Trees, Too

We don’t just take trees down! Arborists love to plant trees and spring is the perfect time to do so. Proper planting techniques are imperative to a healthy tree that survives its first fragile years in your yard.

Caring Is Sharing

It always amazes me how many people love their lawns enough to hire a grass company but neglect their big, beautiful trees.

An affordable tree service will be able to give your trees the same love those green folks with the hoses and mowers do. Share the love with your trees!

Give Douglas County Tree Service a call today to get your spring tasks finished before summer sneaks up on us!

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